If there’s any pair of producer and artist that show complete full trust in each other, it’s Big Hit Entertainment’s Bang SiHyuk and world-famous BTS.

According to various reports from South Korean news agencies, it has been revealed that the K-Pop producer distributed an equal number of stocks to each BTS member.

Reports have stated that each member were given 68,385 common stocks, and that individual holdings may possibly be worth approximately $6 to $7 million, depending on the IPO pricing on September 25th.

Big Hit Entertainment released an official statement revealing the reasons for the gesture, stating it was to strengthen their relationship with key artists within their agency and to also motivate them by sharing profits and wealth.

So even in 2020, it seems that only good things are in store for BTS, as they’ve recently made history once again, with their latest comeback single ‘Dynamite’ becoming the first ever K-Pop song to debut No.1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 Charts.


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