Kyung Su-jin confronts Yoon Shi-yoon in latest stills for OCN drama Train

OCN’s Train just released a set of intriguing stills featuring Yoon Shi-yoon (Psychopath Diary). In this upcoming drama, a single choice creates two parallel universes, and Yoon stars as a police investigator who crosses between both worlds, pursuing a murder case in order to protect his loved one.

In one universe, Yoon is a police investigator who chooses to repent for his father’s sins. In the other universe, Yoon is a police investigator who chooses to live a risky, corrupt life due to his father’s sins. Kyung Su-jin (Joseon Survival Guide) plays a prosecutor who learns the truth about Yoon’s father’s case and connects the dots to pursue a greater truth. In one world, her character wins at life through love, but in the other world, she survives only because of her hatred.

The still above shows the jail cell meeting between the repentful Yoon from one universe and the hateful Kyung from the other universe. Production staff said, “Yoon Shi-yoon and Kyung Su-jin were completely immersed in every scene, and their emotional acting had everyone watching admiringly.”

Alternate universe mystery drama Train, written by Park Ga-yeon and co-directed by Ryu Seung-jin and Lee Seung-hoon, will begin airing on OCN July 11.

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